About us

WEIWU INFO began in 2003 in Portugal as the R&D platform of Dr. Wei Wu, at signal processing by Wavelet.
The WEIWU INFO product, EMCExplorer, began at 2005 as one of the first Wavelet analysis applications to EMI detection and analysis. In 2007, while a Post Doctor at Missouri University of Rolla, Dr. Wu fell the single signal analysis is no long enough and began to write MATLAB codes for conjunct signal analysis that finally yields the being of GreatMiner, an universal software tool for signal conjunct processing.
The GreatMiner will continue focusing at signal conjunct analysis, with many important leading edge signal analysis to serve the researchers in various application fields. We are more the researchers than the businessmen and understand what a researcher need in signal processing and can serve researchers at speeding up their project by avoid or reduce low efficient coding work, and making working with GreatMiner real fun.

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Sales Dept.: sales@greatminer.com
Tech. Dept.: support@greatminer.com

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