GreatMiner is a professional signal processing tool that is developed based on concept of “universal signal conjunct analysis” with many important leading edge signal analysis to cover common signal processing procedures that an ordinary researcher may work through.

    The program consists of five basic sections:

  • · Data Import and Export:
  • Including multiple data file import and multi-parameter records (WFDB medical database records) import, and multiple signal export.

  • · Time Domain multiple signal Procedures:
  • Including data import, automatic layout in accord with the multiple data and multi-parameter record.

  • · Frequency Domain Analysis:
  • Including Fast Fourier Transform and Power Spectral Density Analysis.

  • · Time-Frequency Domain Analysis:
  • Including Continuous Wavelet Analysis and Sort Time Fourier Transform.

  • · Common Operation:
  • Collection of common approaches such as Pattern Trace, Correlation Analysis and De-noise.

A Professional Signal Processing Tool